Project 2: GameCube Media Center (Update 1)

Hey everyone,

I’ve been continuing to tinker with my GameCubes and am working a little slower than I anticipated. Instead of dremeling part of the original GameCube, I decided to craft my own piece to mount the USB ports to the GameCube controller face. The first batch has been ordered, so fingers crossed they’ll work!

While I prefer to have the inside of the GameCubes finished first, I decided to try painting a Legend of Zelda version. How do you all like it?



Future Project: Famicom Media Center

Hello everyone,

Today I got the second major part I needed for my Famicom Media Center build: new controllers. They are nearly identical to the original Famicom controllers, but add extra X, Y, L, R buttons and the ability to rapid fire. The cords also comes up from the top of the controller, rather than the side, which makes the original a bit odd to hold. Finally, they increase the playable length. I’m still going to have them internally mounted, like the original, so these controllers greatly increase the media center’s functionality.