Helpful Software: Ember Media Manager

Hey everyone,

When it comes to the movies on my NES media center, I’m very particular: everything from fan-art, to box art, to title/sort title has to be hand-picked by me. I have themes (all Star Wars movies need similar art styles), self-imposed rules (The Fast and the Furious are together in order, even though they’re all over the road with name schemes) and really want to make my collection as crisp and individualized as possible.

One of the tools I use to help with this is Ember Media Manager.

Ember 1.png

After you install it, you simply direct it toward your movie collection. Then Ember scans and tracks what movies you have with a nice interface. Not only can it read local .csv meta-data files, it can cross reference movie file names with IMDB and create local .csv meta-data files with that information if none exists. It also allows you to select from a large collection of fan-art, box art and other supplemental art (like disk art!). When you want to update information manually, like movie rating, actors and taglines, you can change it by double clicking the movie from the list.

Ember 2.png

Ember not only allows you to better organize your movie collection, it also works for TV shows too. Want Season Art? You can get that too! 🙂

Ember 3.png

Overall, this program has helped me tremendously. If you’re interested in going digital with your movie (and TV Show) collection, I really recommend checking this program out!

-Curtis RetroMaster



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