World 1-4 (part 1): How to install multiple OS’s on RPi

Hello everyone,

Finishing our tutorial on installing Operating Systems on the Raspberry Pi, today I will be discussing how to Multi-boot multiple Operating Systems on the same SD Micro card. Similarly to last time, there are multiple ways of doing this: first I will show you the “correct way” and tomorrow I’ll show you how I do it. 😉

Before we start, you’ll want to read up on what we talked about last time, since we are going to follow very similar steps. Of particular interest is how to install Operating Systems via NOOBS and PINN. However, instead of choosing just one Operating System in particular, you will choose multiple. When it is complete, NOOBS/PINN will ask you to pick which OS you’d like to boot to. Pretty easy, right?

While this seems to be straightforward on the surface, there is a caveats. After you get the Operating Systems you want installed, you then need to configure the operating systems so they talk to one another. For instance, if I am running Kodi on LibreElec and would like to switch to RetroPie, I will need a special add-on (think of this as a small executable/program inside Kodi) to make this transition happen. Two programs I’ve used really well are Steve’s “Multiboot” scripts and Matt Huisman’s NOOB Companion. Both should really do the trick, however I did run into problems using both the NOOB Companion and PINN together, which appears to be a temporary bug.

Once those scripts are set up correctly, you should be able to successfully move between 2 or more Operating Systems! I also want to point out that your SSH credentials may be different on the different OS’s, so it’s important to remember those as you switch around.

Anyway, be sure to check back tomorrow for another way you can set up multi-boot on your Raspberry Pi!


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