World 1-2: How to Choose a Raspberry Pi OS?

Hey everyone,

Today I am going to breakdown how to choose which Raspberry Pi Operating System is best for your project. The Raspberry Pi is a neat little computer that allows for much tinkering and modification… perfect for building Retro Media Centers!

The Operating System, or software, you choose will determine how it can be best utilized in your device, or hardware. For instance, if I wanted to make a touch screen computer with internet and file browsing capabilities, I might want to use Pixel. Or, if I wanted my device to primarily watch movies, I might choose OpenElec or LibreElec, both of which are Raspberry Pi distributions of Kodi. Myself? I personally want the multimedia playback functionality of Kodi with the Emulator functionality of RetroPie, so I am going to give my Raspberry Pi the ability to dual-boot.

Dual-booting has many strengths and a few minor caveats. By using multiple Operating Systems, my system will be able to utilize both Operating Systems to their fullest intent. Instead of choosing whether I’d rather be able to play movies (Kodi) or play video games (RetroPie), I get to do BOTH! Unfortunately, you need to literally switch between them when you want to switch activities, which can be a pain both setting up and doing. But compared to the gained flexibility and functionality, this is generally well worth the extra time.

I’m still working on getting the dual-boot finalized myself, but I’m on the right track!



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